White’s Way Cabin

Nov '15

A small 12’ x 16’ cabin sits proudly on the boundary between a thick forest and a clearing in Cohasset, Massachusetts. Quaint and cozy, the cabin’s interior environment adapts to the exterior seasonal changes.

The cool blue snowy hues of winter cocoon the warm colors cast from the iron woodstove inside. Summers bring daily afternoon offshore winds from the Atlantic that wisp through the salvaged windows.

The structure itself was originally built by the owner and his son from a cabin kit purchased from Shelter Institute out of Woolwich, Maine. The location and structure of the cabin proved ideal, but the interior space needed to be reimagined to optimize each square inch while letting the cabin breath. Some existing elements were to be refined while others were altered and eliminated. The inconsistent window dimensions made for uniquely proportioned frames for the surrounding landscape. However, the existing mustard yellow walls and matching stained wood floors mudded up these views. Wrapping the interior surfaces in crisp white materials created a clean, undistracted backdrop for the wildlife to take the stage. The underbelly of the loft was white washed to keep the natural wood grain apparent, but to mute its presence. The hardwood floors were re-stained a warm, dark chocolate to anchor the cabin’s interior. Half of the loft’s floorboards were removed, allowing light from the windows above to filter down and expand the vertical space.

The cabin was furnished to define two zones: The main floor, a comfortable work environment including a settee, shelves and a desk space, and the open loft above, an intimate quiet living space. A temporary, humble oasis, the cabin lends itself to the surrounding site providing a dual work and living environment.

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