Upland Road Townhouse

Nov '13

As a family grows, their homes must adapt. Naturally the gathering and utilitarian spaces take precedence and will be remodeled first with private spaces like this townhouse’s master bathroom to follow suite. To reflect their newly renovated bedroom, this parents’ dated master bathroom needed a refresh.

The existing layout consisted of a walk-in shower as well as an underutilized tub that was more successful as a decorative ceramic basin. Other antiquated details that stuck out like a sore thumb were the small tiled vanity top with decorative paneled door fronts, a heavily framed shower enclosure, beige walls and muddy grey mosaic floor tile with green marble inlays. The room itself was actually spacious, quaint and naturally lit, it just needed help to really shine.

The bathtub was removed and in its place a low bench with drawers below was built-in; a spot that took full advantage of the sunny window for a quick respite. A sleek wall-mounted radiator to the right of the bench was added for extra warmth and relaxation. The vanity, plumbing fixtures and materials throughout the whole bathroom were updated. To pair with the rest of the house, clean lines were brought in through the continuous grain of the walnut vanity fronts and the scale of the floor, wall, and shower tile. The alignment, placement and relationship to these different materials and surfaces were carefully appreciated and executed.

The final product now aligned with this family’s design values and how they want to live in their space, decompress for a relaxing sleep, or prepare for a busy day.

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