Parker Point Road House

March '14

A Summer escape from city life, this home is located in the quaint coastal Maine town of Blue Hill with ample sailing, lobsters, and rocky shores. With some previous alterations and upgrades, this spot allowed for comfortable living.

However, a few spaces were ignored in the last renovation. One of these was the family’s main floor washroom. This is the largest of the three bathrooms and acted as a funnel for all their family’s summer outdoor activities.

The traditional bathroom is that of functionality: a toilet, a shower and a sink. Their family bathroom would include these basics but would also act as a transition space. After entering the house, this washroom would be the first destination to clean off the residue of the day and prepare for a rejuvenating evening. A place to de-robe and decompress.

Slate, white matte ceramic tile and reclaimed hard teak wood served as the new pallet that speaks the dynamics of the surrounding nature and the basic bathroom aesthetic of sanitation. Similar to the family’s love for sailing, the wood floor, walls, and countertop were sealed and waterproofed with an oil based finish to mimic the appearance and feel of the long days spent on the boat in the Maine waters. Open shelving below the sink allows for easily accessible storage bins to organize their personal items. Even the family dog now has her own lower water spout in the large walk-in shower so she too can be washed down and fed.

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