FiDi Startup Office

Oct '17

As a tech startup in the heart of the Financial District of New York City, Ordergroove was overdue for an office transformation to support their company’s growth. Their goal was to create an office space that reflects their culture and brand, while giving team members a place to focus on building a great product.

OrderGroove helps brands and retailers practice and achieve Relationship Commerce - shifting consumer interactions from one-and-done transactions to ongoing, highly profitable relationships. They achieve this through a combination of powerful technology, proprietary data and analytics and unmatched industry expertise. Internally, OrderGroove was also built upon positive team relationships, yet their office space lacked the ability to support these. With a tight budget and ambitious goals, any design decisions that were implemented had to be highly impactful and effective.

To make their open office desk area larger for new team members and provide a group gathering space, three adjacent private offices were demolished. Since their office lacked the square footage for all their needs, flexible solutions were incorporated in the newly adapted space enabling it to be used for multiple functions. The new space can remain open for all-hands events or be broken up with the use of Molo’s Paper Softwalls for smaller meetings. These paper walls collapse to 2” thick, are stored on a wall hook, can be moved in place and stretch out to 15’ in a straight or organic form.

The conference rooms also received an upgrade for high status clientele and the kitchen was reconfigured to operate more smoothly during lunch hours and promote social comradery. For the new mothers coming back from maternity leave, a meeting room was outfitted with comfortable seating, dimmable lights, and privacy solutions for the option of using it as a mother’s room. Outside of the room, an “occupied” light was wired on the wall, controlled from inside the room, for an extra layer of privacy. The phone booths were wrapped in cork wallcovering for added acoustics making them a more comfortable space for personal calls. The whole office got a fresh coat of paint, new furniture and decor while reusing some existing pieces.

With some light demolition, space planning and few new materials and furnishings, OrderGroove was able to achieve their vision while meeting their budget.


General Contractor: HomePros Inc.

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