Beach Street Carriage House

Oct '16

High above a salt marsh nestled in the surrounding woods and terrain, sits a carriage house built in 1932 originally used as an outbuilding detached from the living quarters to stable horses and buggies.

The house was converted into an 1,846 square foot home spread over three floors and remains quiet, unobtrusive and quaint as it is the only house on its typography level. The interior of the house was left dated from it’s previous 1980’s renovation.

A couple purchased this property for a very reasonable price in this upper class New England town. Their vision was to create an investment - renovate the interior to provide better living space and use it as a rental property with the future goal of selling it for a profit. Budget, materials and design were looked at with specific intention of helping the new owners manage the property. New durable materials were used throughout the house while other elements were kept intact to preserve the spirit of the home. Original old timber beams remained exposed on the top floor, while iron grates were repurposed for stair guardrails. The renovation created an additional bedroom, bathroom and laundry room while an open floor plan was created in the main living space. A second rental unit was added on the lower level with a bathroom, kitchen and a small outdoor patio space with a serene stunning view of the marsh.

After construction, the home was appraised resulting in a 100% increase in value while also providing a significant yearly rental profit from both units.


Project Architect: Rob Trumbour

Contractor: Eames Construction

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